Art Market

This blog post really got me thinking:

Where does the freelance artist stand in today’s market? Is it truly a viable profession? To be frank, I doubt it. I feel that for many reasons the job by job value of art is way down. It seems that the energy, time and finances spent to train aren’t worth the rates being offered today. 

Does that make it hopeless to go to art school and be an artist? 

What are the alternatives to getting by as a freelancer? 

I think for me personally I need to sidestep the freelance game. I think it would be ok to do it a little but I don’t think I can rely on it. That said I am optimistic about the other opportunities out there. The relationship between creator and consumer can be more direct in today’s market. That could be a key outlet for success. Creating self owned intellectual property and utilizing crowd funding are ways to do that. Some bands are ditching the traditional album to album release schedule and offering subscription based websites that offer dynamic content. 

I want to hear ideas from any artists out there. What are the options for independent artists, illustrators, photographers, filmmakers and creatives in general? What works for you? What’s an idea you want to try? What have you seen other people do?